Reaper | Cala Reily

* TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains domestic violence and sexual assault.

Do you love an alpha hero, a heroine on the run, age gap, forced proximity, with some badass bikers?  Yes, then this new series is for you! Reaper, or Harrison is the President of the Lotus MC just outside of Vegas.  He lives for his MC and has no time or desire for an “old lady” or wife.  He will hang with the guys.  But there is someone that is jeopardizing the safety and business of the MC, and Reaper is on the hunt for who it is.  Natalie is young, alone in the world and found herself caught up with the wrong guy.  She knew she needed or shouldn’t stay alive. *

Natalie is offered protection by Reaper and his MC.  The quiet, shy, and broken woman works her way back to a stronger self with the encouragement of the Lotus MC.  I love morally gray characters, mostly because they always surprise me with their heart.  Reaper never stood a chance at keeping his heart once Natalie arrived.  She worked so hard on gaining trust, working on her strength and finding her place in the world. What I think I loved most about Reaper is that he stood back and let her have courage and strength- he didn’t step in when he wanted to, and kept telling her to take the power and demand respect.  While I would consider this book a little slower burn, it was definitely necessary for character growth once they cross that line there is no going back for them! WOWZER, it’s very hot! As for Natalie, she has the biggest heart and the ability to build connections with people.  She befriended not only the “old lady’s” but the “Sweet Butt’s”, too.  

One of the aspects of this book that I enjoyed the most is that while Reaper and Natalie were building their relationship we also got to learn about the MC rules and “traditions” as well as meet so many of the other members.  We learned a lot about the “Sweet Butts” and their role at the club. Reaper is an amazing start to a series I cannot wait for more of! There are at least 4 people I NEED their books like tomorrow…LOL! 

If you have questions about the trigger warning, PLEASE reach out to Heather OR the authors!

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 4
POP: ~52%

Series: Book #1: Lotus MC 

Type of Series: Series of stand-alone
Tropes: MC, Found family, heroine on the run, forced proximity, spicy, age gap, alpha hero, touch her and die vibes. 

Release Date: 8/25/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited