Awakening the Sheriff | Nora Phoenix

After reading Reading Renovating the Model I have been so eager for this book! There is so much to love about this series, but for me it is the small town of  Forestville, the friend group that has stuck together since high school, and the fact that they are more mature … .being silver foxes helps a little, okay a lot.  This little town of Forestville is tucked away outside of Seattle and seems to have it all.  And their town sheriff, Auden Frant is sort of stuck in a little bit of a rut.  Auden is a divorced single dad of two and a certified work-a-holic.  But man does he love his family, and have the biggest heart.  After his divorce from his high school sweetheart he hasn’t really found someone to share his life with.  Living in a smalltown with limited options he sort of resigned himself to a life alone.  

Keaton Perry is a teacher, and single dad of two.  He moved his family from the city to provide his sons with a small town life.  He is in the throes of parenting a teenager and his son doesn’t make it easy on him.  As a parent of a teen I found myself relating to what Keaton was experiencing.  

As Auden and Keaton build a friendship it blossoms into more.  And these two work to balance their jobs, being single fathers, and build a budding romance.  I truly felt that these two characters brought out the best in one another.  They supported each other but never took over.  I thoroughly enjoy more mature characters, they are my contemporaries and I relate to so many things that they are living through.  Getting older and having teenagers can be a challenge, as well as balancing parenting and having a life outside of your children at the same time.  I truly felt that Pheonix did a fabulous job balancing both Auden and Keaton’s children, work, and personal life.  We also got a peek into more of the friend group.  Phoenix also set up the next book perfectly and left me eagerly waiting on the next book in this amazing Forestville Silver Foxes series! 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating:  4 stars
POP: 55%

Series: Forestville Silver Foxes

Type of Series: Inter connected standalones
Tropes: Friends to lovers, single dad, small town, bi-awakening

Release Date: 8/25/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited