Random Reviews…

Random Reviews no one asked for but I read books and now you all get to hear all about them. And my true chaotic fashion I am going to put a bunch of reviews together in one post… you are welcome!  

Rodeo Summer– Camden Ranch Book 1 by Jillian Neal.  
Rating: 5/5  
Tropes: Cowboy, single mom, rescue romance, Family Series, Instant Connection,  

For months I have been looking for a cowboy romance with all the Yellowstone Vibes. I love the family dynamic the outside drama and some swoony and grumpy cowboys. I found it all in the Rodeo Summer.. This was not my first book by the author, I had previously read one title from her. She isn’t an author we hear about a lot but we should. Her books are steamy with great characters and big feels. This was a great story about Summer, a single mom pushed into a corner and could really use someone in the corner fighting with her and for her. Austin is the cowboy I want fighting for me. His does not for a second think twice about fighting for Summer. Austin is at the top of his bull riding career and on course to win the Buckle for the Season. But he is willing to give it all up for Summer.  

This story has heart and family with a whole lot of steamy. I cannot recommend this book enough and I am on to the next in the series. It is just that good!  

Billionaire Wake Up Call Girl by Annika Martin  
Rating: 3/5
Tropes: Billionaire, Big City, Co-workers, close proximity, hidden Identity

I listened to the audiobook of Billionaire Wake Up Call Girl narrated by Jason Clarke and Neva Nevarre. Their story telling was brilliant and are some top tier narrators for sure!  
This was a quick and funny read. The relationship is unorthodox and the way they move through the story is unique. There is a bit of deception as our hero Theo does not know that his “wake up call girl”, operator #7 is actually his employee Lizzie. Theo for being this brilliant chemist and a billionaire he comes across as a bit of a beta hero. He was a bit of a quandary of a hero. There is some great and funny banter with in the story. If you are looking for a light and funny rom-com you should check out Billionaire Wake Up Call Girl.

Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross
Rating: 5/5
Tropes: PNR, Friends to Lovers, Nerdy Heroine, Rescue,
Audiobook: Aiden Snow , and Johanna Fairview
Pop 74%

I am now obsessed with this story. I love the quirky character that is Evie and her love of the Fandom. I really enjoyed Mateo/Alpha dynamic. This had a lot of Venom and Eddie Brock feels to it. This was such a great way to write friends to lovers. The slow burn aspect of the book made sense but it was done with such chemistry that I was locked into the story the whole time! I am not usually a fan of PNR but this book might have just changed that. I can not wait to dive into book 2 of the series. This is a must read for lovers of fandom, innovative lore and the HEA.

Crime and Periodicals by Nora Everly
Rating 3.5/5
Tropes: single parent, small town, shy heroine,
Pop: 78%

I liked this story. I just did not love it. It started out very strong. I was excited to see where it went. The reintroduction to the world of Green Valley, TN was well done as I have read this world out of order and randomly.  
Sarbina is a great shy heroine. I really liked her. Her shyness felt natural and not just forced for purposes of the story. She is great with the kids and being a librarian is a perfect place for her to hide.  
Wyatt Monroe is a perfect small-town sheriff. He cares about his community. His life is not without its own hills and valleys. His relationship with his daughters and the way he is trying to protect their hearts is really well done.  
It really comes down to the slow burn of the relationship. The world building of the Monroe and Logan Family felt long and created some lag in the story. These two had an instant connection from page 10 and it took almost 80% of the book to get to the burn. It felt like as soon as they were together the book was over. I did not get a ton of how things would work with the kids and what a relationship between the two will look like. This book leaves me wondering about their HEA, it feels very HFN.