Quick Shot of Romance: The Lake House by Micky Miller

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Leah is joined by Rachel, who is read_with_rach on Instagram. They review The Lake House by Mickey Miller.  This is book 1 in his Brewer Brothers series. 

Synopsis:  From Good Reads 

What do you do when you accidentally end up in bed with a sexy, younger musician? 
You act like it never happened, of course. 
You never kissed each other after that third glass of wine. 
You didn’t swoon when he played you a song on his guitar. 
Never ran your hands over those rippled abs. 
And you definitely didn’t have the hottest – most toe curling – wild night of your life with him. 
Never happened. 
This summer was for getting over my divorce, not under a musician. 
There’s one little problem though. 
You don’t choose who you fall in love with. 
Maddox Brewer is a rockstar and too young for me. 
But when it comes to love, nothing is ever simple. 
Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you a steamy romance about what happens when sparks fly between an older woman and a younger man.

Release Date: July 17, 2019 
Trope: Reverse Age Gap; vacation fling; musician
Steam Level: 3/5–not a lot of scenes, but the scenes we got were super steamy
And this book can be found in Kindle Unlimited.  

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Did you like this book? 
Leah: I do like this book.  I love the dynamic between Maddox and Sherry
Rachel: I did like this book! It made me want to read more from Mickey

Who would typically like the book? 
Leah: Fans of age gaps; vacation fling books; heroes and heroines that have an intense connection
Rachel: age gaps, childhood crush to lovers, fling/friends with benefits fans

Would you recommend this book?
Leah: Yes I would.  I really enjoy Mickey Miller’s books.  And he is in the minority of being a male author writing romance. 
Rachel: I would definitely recommend it!

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