Quick Shot of Romance: Perfect Secret by Molly McLain

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Leah and podcast contributor Lindsey  are reviewing  Perfect Secret by Molly McLain.  This is book 12 of the Mason Creek multi-author collaboration series. 

Synopsis:  From Good Reads  

A fake relationship with a sexy cowboy in a small town is never a good idea… 
After high school, my plan was to leave the small town of Mason Creek and never look back. I thought I’d work my way through college while my long-time, bull rider boyfriend chased his rodeo dreams and took me along for the ride. 
My own dreams of becoming his publicist and living the high life together on the ABR circuit were crushed when it became clear that my eight seconds was up. The buckle bunnies were suddenly more appealing than the girl with her nose buried in the books. 
I’ve sworn off men, especially cowboys and bull riders. 
That is, until I walk in on one in my shower, naked, wet, and built like he could break my heart… and my bed. 
The rodeo has been my whole world, and all it took was one false accusation to bring it crumbling down. I cleared my name, but the organization I’ve given my life and my body to for the past seven years doesn’t give a damn. They don’t want the drama and right now they don’t want me. 
That’s how I ended up in Mason Creek, hiding from the cameras while the dust settles and I can reclaim my reputation and my rank in the ABR. The last thing I need is to get messed up with a local girl, especially one who hates cowboys–bull riders in particular. 
Our relationship may be just for show, but I see the opportunity for what it is…The chance to keep my secret a little longer and prove to Alana that maybe her problem with bull riders is simple… 
She hasn’t ridden the right one yet. 

Release Date: September 9, 2021 
Trope: Small town; Fake-Relationship; cowboy; slow-burn 
Steam Level:  2 
Put Out Percentage: 55% 

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