Only One Forever | Natasha Madison

For a while Natasha Madison has been telling us readers that we weren’t ready for Dylan and Alex’s story.  And friends, she was 100% correct.  The moment this book hit my Kindle I dropped everything and binged this book in HOURS.  HOURS, friends. Did I also message her like a stage 5 clinger because I have not been able to stop thinking about Dylan and Alex? Yes, yes I did.  

There are so many amazing elements that made my heart ache for Dylan and Alex.  And I could only imagine how alone they both felt.  I shed so many tears for this pair.  These two have a connection that spoke to me on a level that other authors and characters have not in the past.  These two “get each other”.  They understand each other on a level others don’t understand, until they take a step back and examine it in a new light.  But man, was the ride that we went on with them worth it.  So worth it. The twists and emotions that these two have not only for one another but their whole family has gutted me. Way that their family plays a role in this book is unexpected and really demonstrates the way they operate. I normally am not a reader that appreciates a lot of angst and push pull, but this book had the perfect amount.  

Side note, if you think you loved Miller in Only One Love you are wrong because this man. I know I love him more than I did before. The way he notices Alex, and supports her.  And his camp.  Oh my goodness it is perfection.  

Make sure you have your tissues handy and clear your schedule because you will want to read the OG series next, because Max, Micheal, Cooper, and Justin made me fall in love with them all over again.  This Stone, Grant, and Horton crew are the best family and I am so happy that Natasha has allowed us into their lives.  This is a bold statement, but I think this is hands down my favorite Natasha Madison book to date.  The way this book flowed was effortless, there was not drama for the sake of drama and it was filled with love. So much love.  I want to tell you all the ways I fell in love with Alex and Dylan throughout this book, and the way they grow into a partnership, but I also do not want to ruin it for you because it is that good.  All I can tell you is that I think you must read this book….and read it TODAY!!!