One way Back to Me by Carrie Ann Ryan

Rating: 5/5
Series: The Wilder Resort Book #1
Trope: Veteran character, close proximity, co-workers, winery,
Pop: 60%

One Way Back to Me by Carrie Ann Ryan is the first book in her the new Wilder Brothers Series.

This is the story of Eli and Alexis.  A chance meeting one night 2 yrs pervious left a mark on their souls. 

Eli is the eldest brother of The Wilder Clan.  He is a retired Air Force Officer.  Eli is very much the big brother. He is the protector, the problem solver.  The guy who thinks he must have all the answers, sometimes to his own detriment. Eli is a man of little words, but he is fierce in his focus.  I really loved him as a character. His subtle power and protective energy create an intensity between these characters. 

Eli along with his brothers have spent the past two years in hill country of Texas building The Wilder Resort. Each brother is former military, and each had a story.   The Wilder brothers have a job to do within the resort, they refer to it as the chain of command.  (Which made me smile every time I read it!)

Alexis is starting over. Trying to rebuild her life after a divorce.  Her ex is simply the worst!  Alexis is very much alone in the world without a support system to help her. She is trying to rebuild her life. She is starting over as the new wedding planner at the Wilder Resort. As much as Eli is fiercely a protector, Alexis is as independent. She does not want to lean to much on someone.  She did that once and it left her whole life in shambles. 

Alexis and Eli are magnetic. They are so drawn to each other they can’t break the connection, no matter how much Alexis tries.   I really loved the two of them together.  The chemistry between them makes for a very dynamic story. 

I am captivated by this story and The Wilder Family.  This is a great book about second chances, finding your place and rebuilding to the life you desire. The book has both found family and blood family feels.  The author spends time introducing us to the different characters and building the world, but it is a very natural and organically done to fit the flow of the story.  I am so invested in this story and the story of the brothers I was not ready to leave when the book ended. I am desperate for next story!