My Famous Frenemy by Piper Rayne

Series: Greene Family Book 6
Rate: 4 Stars
PoP: 74%
Trope: Small Town; Family Series; Slow Burn; Adversaries to lovers;
POV: Dual First Person

Gavin has moved to Sunrise Bay because he is discouraged with his life in LA.  He truly feels a connection with the town and the people especially one Poesy Greene.  Posey has made it her life’s mission to make her mother happy and to do everything she can to keep her happy.  Even if that is detrimental to herself.  This book follows a smooth time-line as Gavin campaigns against Marla Greene for the Mayor of Sunrise Bay.  We get the ups and downs of the relationship between Posey and Gavin that coincides with his move towards becoming ingrained into the town.  

Posey doesn’t always make the best decisions, and there is a moment in this book where she lashes out, but Marla shows her the truth behind her life.  I adore this family and their dynamic.  They are blended but it never seems that way with the way in which they all interact.  Each of the Greene have been affected by the dissolution of each of their parents’ previous marriages by death or divorce, and they all deal with it differently.  There are so many wonderful moments between Gavin and Posey as well as interactions and insights into the other members of the family.  Piper Rayne continue to give us a well-structured family series that makes me anxious for the next story.