Monkey Wrench by Mary B. Moore

Rate: 5 Stars
POV: Dual 1st person
Tropes: Single Parent; Small Town; Friends to Lovers
Series: Cheap Thrills book 8

When Mary B Moore publishes a book I one-click the heck out of it.  

Naomi is raising her niece after the death of her brother and sister-in-law.  Carter lived near Naomi’s family when they were growing up, and there was a poignant moment in his life with Naomi that changed everything.  

Both of these characters moved to Piersville, although we find out that Carter has ulterior motives for his move and have lived as friends for the past couple of years.  These two have been circling this zone because of Naomi’s situation and Carter is trying to take steps to break out of this cycle. 

As with all of Moore’s books, we get some suspense elements but a full speed all in romance in the foreground.  My only issues with this book and the reason for my 4 star rating is because there were some fluctuations in the timeline of how long Naomi and Carter have been in town. And also, some things that seemed out of character for the reasons behind Carter’s move.  While it bugged me, I was able to overlook the issue because it doesn’t really affect the storyline and Moore’s writing is strong.  I adore this author and everything that she puts onto a page.