Mid-July Review Check In

I feel like in my last review dump at the end of June I promised to get better about reviewing as I am reading but guess what did not happen! I have been clawing my way out of the slump and for the good or the bead of it some things are hitting, and some are still missing.  The news at the end of June here in the US really has thrown a glitch in my mood along with many people.  Once again romance is playing a part in the escape for me.  The long holiday week also threw me off some, maybe it is too much free time on my hand or the weight of the world.  I have found a few books I really am enjoying. A found a couple of new to me authors that are hitting the spot for sure. 
Rockstars seem to be what I am craving, if you have any recommendations send them my way please! 

Here are a few books that I am just really enjoying right now. 

Faded in Bloom by Julia Wolf

Faded in Bloom by Julia Wolf is probably the absolute best friends to lovers romance I have ever read.  I am going to say it again for those in the back. Faded to Bloom is the BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS ROMANCE I have ever read! Julia Wolf did something that even I thought was nearly impossible. She had me obsessively reading a Friends to Lovers Romance.  I am a very harsh judge of books that are the friends to lovers trope. I rarely enjoy them. I rarely recommend them.  This is a book I will be recommending over and over again. 

Faded in Bloom was smart and so steamy! It did not PoP until 45% and sex did not happen until 60%  the pure chemistry and steam between these 2 characters was unlike anything I have ever read!  There is some great BIPOC character rep. They talk about the use of Plan B. The heroine is described as lean and tall.  We also have a pierced hero and sex toys to round out the story.  The unique timeline of the story and they way the author’s choice to tell it was so unique and well done. Honestly, I am obsessed, and this might be my book of the year! It is also a Kindle Unlimited Read.

Lost in Him by Carrie Elks

I picked up book 9 in a series because the blurb just called to me. It was a Hollywood/Norm romance added in the single dad/nanny trope and it spoke to my soul. I know it drives people crazy when I read books out of order. I think there is a value in doing this because when an author sells a book as a standalone it is good to put this to the test.  Carrie Elks has been an author on TBR and I decided to give her a try. I read Lost in Him it is Book 9 in the Angel Sands Series.  It was a very low angst delightful Single Dad/Nanny Romance.  I also felt like it was a fresh take on the trope. The Hollywood/Norm Piece was also fresh and well done. There wasn’t a ton of the hero worship. Single Dad Chris Vaughn was a bit of an ass in the beginning but he quickly chilled out and got with the program. Chelsea Kennedy was a really great heroine. She was well thought out and her choice made sense.  Chelsea is keeping a secret about why she is lacking a reference from her previous job but she is the ultimate professional and I really just loved her character.  There is plenty of on page chemistry and yearning between these two.  The story PoPs at 38%. If you have not yet read Carrie Elks, I really liked this title and plan to go back and read more in the series. It is also a Kindle Unlimited Read.

Review: Duet by Julia Kriss

Keeping with my rockstar obsession I also read Duet by Julie Kriss.  I am in the mood for all the rockstars, and Duet did not disappoint! This was such a good mature rockstar romance. There was so much respect between these characters.  Their meet-cute was so great and organic.  I am always in for a 1 nightstand romance and an early PoP at 8% is catnip and will keep me engaged.  Denver and Callie are such great complex character. They are not defined by their past or their labels as rockstar and piano teacher.  I also enjoyed the respect that was given to the choices of the heroine.  I do feel like that it ends abruptly but I figure we might get more insight of the couple as the series goes one.  I do believe in their HEA and think they are a solid couple.  I loved the other characters in this band and have downloaded book 2.  This is also a Kindle Unlimited Read.

Review: Until May by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Last on my list for this review dump is Until May by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I have not read the Until books. This was a standalone for me. This story felt really fresh. It was between a soccer celebrity and a school librarian.  The uniqueness comes with their “meeting” before meeting, a scary meet-cute, a random vacation meet-cute and a stalker.  While this might sound like a lot at times I wanted more. I wanted more of them as a couple. As a standalone you do get to know Aiden Bender family dynamic but not so much May’s. The stalker part of the story line felt unnecessary and did not add much to the story.  Overall, it was a spicy romance and engaging story just not the best I have read recently.

Here is hoping I might be on my way out the slump. I am really enjoying Julie Kriss and am reading those instead of work assignments.  Let me know if you have a Rockstar or Hollywood romance you think I might like!