Love Next Door by Helena Hunting

Dillion and Donnovon (Van) have known “of” each for most of their lives.  Their connection is Dillion’s neighbor and Donnovon’s Grandmother, Bee.  And when Bee passes, it brings them together. Their “meet cute”  is hard to forget and will have you laughing like only Helena Hunting can make you.  To say these two do not hit it off is an understatement, but their paths continue to pass in the small town of Pearl Lake.  I adored how Hunting described this little town. It reminds me so much of the small town where our family cabin is.  

Both Dillion and Van are struggling with personal setbacks that are really making them take a step back and evaluate what is really important to them.  This is probably the aspect that I appreciated most in this book.  This pair was successful on the outside, seemingly having everything that they had worked for.  This really spoke to me as a reader.  I could feel them each debating about the choices they made and decisions they were working on to create the life that will fulfill them.  

I would be remiss if we did not talk about the side characters in this book, they are fabulous. While Bee might have passed, she was there.  And as a reader you could feel the impact that she had on both Dillion and Van.  The way they reminisced about her, funny little tidbits they each shared, and they knew her so well.  It was beautiful the way she was honored and recognized as a guiding force for these two.  And of course there are few of our old favorites that happen to make an appearance or two!  And it wouldn’t be a Helena book if she didn’t introduce us to characters we need more of…..hello, Teagan and Aaron….I definatiley feel like they each need their own happily ever after! 

Throughout this book Hunting tackles some difficult topics that many families are facing, and she does it with grace and care.  She recognizes not only the struggle that someone facing mental health struggles is dealing with but those around them that love and care for them do.  Find yourself a quiet space to curl up with this book because it is the perfect summer read to enjoy at the beach, the lake, the boat or the pool.  I promise Dillion and Van’s story will not disappoint!