Love at First Sight

Are you a believer of love at first sight?  

We aren’t talking about the love I instantly have for my morning cup of coffee. We are talking about more than just that impulse of attraction. It is that feeling that with in minutes you can’t see any day moving forward without that person in your life.

One of the sub-tropes I absolutely adore is the concept of instant connection. The sheer intensity that accompanies this trope never fails to captivate me. The emotions that draw at least one of our characters in are simply enthralling. Usually, the chemistry between them is palpable and carries throughout the entire story. 

For me, the struggle with a slow burn lies in the lack of urgency. Love at first sight, on the other hand, delivers that much-needed sense of urgency. It doesn’t mean that the spiciness of the relationship instantly ignites, but typically, one of the characters takes the lead and propels the relationship forward. 

Can a slow burn also encompass love at first sight?

“The Love Hypothesis” is a prime example of a slow burn that begins with love at first sight. Although this book isn’t my personal favorite, the author adeptly showcases the immense attraction between the two characters while they simultaneously fight against it and navigate the complexities of building a relationship. 

Take “Lick” by Kylie Scott, for instance, which brilliantly combines love at first sight with a delightful and feisty meet-cute. These two are the quintessential wake up married in Vegas Romance. An impulse of attraction leads them in to pursuing and navigating their attraction and figuring out how to live in a worlds that are so different.

“But I married you, Evelyn, because you made sense to me. We make sense. We’re a whole lot better together than apart. You notice that?”

Another beloved favorite of mine is “Paradise” by Judith McNaught, an age gap romance that unfolds as a second chance love story. The book skillfully depicts the trials and tribulations these two characters endure in order to achieve their happily ever after. The intensity with which they fall in love at first sight only adds to their chemistry and helps establish this novel as a timeless and classic romance. 

In “Relentless Devil” by Kylie Kent, we witness the sheer intensity that arises when one character experiences love at first sight, while the other remains somewhat oblivious. Our hero quickly becomes obsessed with the heroine and integrates himself into every aspect of her life. He ardently pursues her, fully aware of his desires. It takes our heroine a little longer to realize the depth of their mutual attraction and embrace his world. 

“I need to make sure she understands before I do. “He was your first, Ris, and I’m your last.”

“Beyond the Bases” by Kaylee Ryan, the first book in the “Out of Reach” series, exemplifies the pinnacle of sports romance. Both characters experience an instant and profound attraction upon meeting, but for our hero, it transcends into love. Easton, our strong and caring hero, embodies the ideal partner for a single mother. His nurturing and protective nature enhance the appeal of this single mom romance.  

I know that many readers prefer a slower realization of love between characters but for me and the pacing of the story I want the realization of the connection to happen pretty quickly. It doesn’t mean the journey will be short it just means the couple will spend more time learning to navigate and defining their relationship together.