Line Drive | E.M. Lindsey

I don’t even know where to start because there are so many things that I want to say about this amazing book!  I went into this book without reading the blurb, but after reading book 1 in this series I knew I needed more of James.  He was sort of an enigma and I really wanted to know about him.  One of his most endearing qualities is that he says what is on his mind.  Sometimes that works to his advantage and other times it does not.  Sometimes people might look at a professional athlete and think that their life has been perfect with some hard work thrown in, but EM Lindsey flipped the switch on this one, and James’ story was so different but did not feel unrealistic.  

High school baseball coach Ridley is struggling.  Fresh off a divorce, parenting a teenager, and working his backup career.  I simply adored Ridley and related to him so much.  He is the primary caregiver to a teenager with a disability.  But there is so much more that goes along with parenting his son. As a special educator I am extremely critical of the way people with disabilities are portrayed in books.  However, I felt that Phoenix’s disability was communicated to readers was done extremely well.  I think how EM Lindsey showed us the challenges that Ridley experiences parenting Phoenix was amazing.  Parenting a child with a disability is a tightrope walk.  You are constantly assessing situations, supporting, advocating, and protecting your child. It is often difficult to get a break, physically and mentally.  How EM Lindsey not only told us this through their writing but also showed readers was impressive. 

The manner in which James and Ridley’s relationship flowed seemed so realistic.  When they met there was an instant connection, and I adored how their relationship progressed but wasn’t perfect. This pair had a strong physical connection but also built a friendship. 

If you enjoy sassy characters, single parent romances, sports romances with deep emotions then this should be on your TBR list! EM Lindsey, I am so excited for more in this series!