Law Enforcement TBR

Romantic suspense is my favorite genre to read and several of my most-loved books include law enforcement main characters. I tend to gravitate toward the ones that cast the heroes as Protectors and the heroines as Warriors in terms of archetypes. The heroines challenge the status quo in a male dominated profession and the heroes have a strong sense of justice while defending their loved ones and society. I have listed some of my favorites below as well as some that I still have on my TBR. (Click on any of the images to view the blurb on Amazon)

*These are romantic depictions of law enforcement officers that portray them as the “good guys” when that is not always the case in real life. I understand that I am speaking from a place of privilege that allows me to suspend reality and enjoy these types of stories when others cannot say the same thing.

Heroines in Law Enforcement

I love a woman in charge and the books listed below have heroines that embody the Warrior archetype perfectly.

Imperfect by Riley Edwards: Shiloh Kent is a kickass SWAT Team Sergeant and one of my favorite characters in all of Riley’s books.

High Noon by Nora Roberts: Phoebe McNamara is a Police Lieutenant and Savannah’s top hostage negotiator.

Justice For Boone by Susan Stoker: Hayden Yates is a Deputy Sheriff who looks below the surface of a domestic abuse call.

In Death by J.D. Robb: Lieutenant Eve Dallas is the top homicide cop of the futuristic New York Police and Security Department. I am still completely invested in this series after 58 books.

Alpha Mountain Rebel: Megan Hager is a Deputy Sheriff who has to break all the rules in order to save herself from a secret past.

Heaven and Earth: Ripley Todd is a Deputy Sheriff with magical powers trying to save her town and family from an old evil.

Be Still My Heart: Detective Morgan Sloane is a homicide expert. She uncovers more secrets than she bargained for on Skelm Island.

Indigo Ridge: Win Covington is the new Chief of Police in Quincy, Montana. She is immediately thrown into a murder investigation involving the town’s founding family.

The Powerbroker: Brynn Sullivan is a police detective working undercover with a dangerous motorcycle club. She brings Vander Norcross (IYKYK) to his knees when they run across each other during her investigation.

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Heroes in Law Enforcement

Protectors are my heroes of choice and these men are top tier.

Marked for Deception: Detective Declan King is on the hunt for an escaped serial killer and will stop at nothing to catch him.

Chasing Honor: Office Ethan Lenox is the swooniest of heroes. If you aren’t reading Riley Edwards, click on one of the links and remedy that immediately!

Tattered Stars: Sheriff Hayes Easton. I love this book. That’s all.

Slow Burn: The Buchanan Family is part of the core foundation of my love for romantic suspense. Boston Detective Dylan Buchanan travels to Charleston to protect his sister’s best friend in a pulse-pounding story.

Crime and Periodicals: Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Monroe is back in his hometown of Green Valley, TN with his daughters in tow. He makes it his mission to coax the shy librarian out of her shell.

With A Twist: Officer Wyatt Banks is working undercover with a joint task force to take down a slavery ring.


My TBR is never ending. Here are a few more books that I hope to read soon.