Indie Author Podcast Episodes

April is Indie Author Month

Buzzing about Romance wants to share the Indie author love.  

For the month of April all our Regular Podcast Episodes and Quick shots of Romance will feature Indie Authors.  We are excited for the opportunity to chat with these authors.

If you are an Indie author and are interested in participating in a round table discussion or episode featuring Indie authors please fill out the form below.  Also if you are an indie author and would like us to consider one of your books to be featured for a Quick Shot of Romance Episode please fill out the form. 

Please Note: Authors need to be 100% Indie. Meaning we want an author who is not a hybrid author or author who has published through Montlake or other small presses.

A Note from your host:
I wanted to take a minute to explain why we have established the criteria we did for our April Episodes.
Once a year in April it is our goal of the podcast to bring to light the Indie Author.
These are the authors who are making all the business decisions on their own. They are their own creative director of their books, from conception to completion through marketing, promotion, and beyond.

The learning curve that they are trying to figure out is huge. If you have used a small press or written an another authors world there is a bit of a leg up that helps your reach. While I get it isn’t the same machine you get with a traditional published book, there is a support system in place to help you.

Through out the year Buzzing about romance covers a variety of authors, just in the month of April we are focusing on the Indie criteria. If you are interested in an episode or being a part of any of our other events please feel free to email us.

Any Questions please email us at [email protected]