I Love You Both So Much |Birk, Ember & McAdam

Jeb, Adam, and Embry were inseparable in college.  Meeting in their college dorm and building a close friendship through their college days until a falling out tore their friendship apart.  Fast forward to their adult life and Jeb needs them.  Both Embry and Adam rush to be at his side. Jeb is a Christmas tree farmer and runs the tree farm that has been in his family for generations.  Things are not going well for the farm.  Embry is aimless and has yet to find something in his life that makes him happy and feels he belongs.  Adam is successful in his business but he is lonely in his personal life.  

I really loved how each of the characters had their own personalities and took care of each other in their own ways.  This author trio did a fantastic job of defining each character’s personalities.  I also appreciated how the authors showed the struggles that come with relationships, their relationship was not perfect and they had to work at getting where they wanted to be. Their relationship grew not only romantically, but also professionally as they worked together to work on the farm.  Each of their strengths shone through, and even their working relationship had some bumps along the way.  Jeb, Embry, and Adam are such an amazing trio and I cannot imagine the three of them not being together, and it is clear that everyone around them feels the same.  They fit perfectly.  Also, the steam.  So very steamy! How they navigated as newbies, and how bossy some of them are in the bedroom.  So HOT! On Top of the steam there is a lot of humor in this book, and the inclusion of their text message threads from college and today totally 100% made this book!

The side characters in this book are nothing short of stellar! Millie, Maya and Seth! Yes.  And do not even get me started on the fireman in this story.  I loved every.single.second that they were on the page (and Embry’s jealousy)! All I can say is that you will immediately fall in love with Doug and Zeke.  Readers definitely need more of this series and soon, please! If you enjoy a Hallmark Christmas movie with lots of steamy scenes, hilarious text message threads, and three hot men you definitely should read this book!