Dirty Deal | Mira Lynn Kelly

Slayers Hockey Book #5

Like always, Mira Lynn Kelly outdid herself with this book.  I fell head over heels for not only Axel and Nora, but sweet baby Otto!  

Axel has had his eye on his fun wrecking neighbor, Nora for a while.  There is just something about her that pulls him in!  And when he is thrusted into fatherhood in the blink of an eye, he finds himself looking to Nora for help!  And well, it just so happens she is desperate for not only a job, but a place to live.  The two embark on a sleepless night filled with bottles, diapers, and so many baby snuggles. I love how Mira Lynn captured the daze of newborn filled nights and days so perfectly.  And let me tell you these two were so in love with baby Otto he was never once attention deprived in this book!  I think that was one of the things I appreciated…sometimes authors have a single parent as a lead, and you wonder throughout the book where the child is.  Not in this book.  Watching Axel not only fight off his ever growing feelings and fight off attention she is gaining from other males was hilarious.  Axel has an alpha male streak a mile wide and he was so funny! And so sweet.  He definitely was always looking out for Nora and Otto.  There was a scene where Axel and Otto crash a thing Nora is at that had me laughing out loud!  Then there is sweet and sassy Nora.  I thought she was definitely going to be only sassy, but this girl has a giant heart and was always able to say the right thing and get Axel out of his own head.  And man this woman is a rockstar with a baby! But she also has dreams that she is working hard for.  

I laughed and I cried! I simply adored how their friendship and feelings grew, and then when it was more.  WOW.  SO hot!  I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the other hockey players.  There were several of them, and she was spilling the tea on some of the future Slayer boys!  You are going to want to make sure that you read this book, you will not be sorry!