Finding the Road to Us | Carrie Ann Ryan

Elliott Wilder has watched all of his brothers fall in love and start families.  On the outside he was the fun loving brother that always over planned and was organized…but internally he was longing for someone to call his own or maybe more than one.  He was inexplicably drawn to Trace and then Sidney came along and the connection between the trio grew. 

Trace has spent his life protecting those in the spotlight, so as he begins a new business he finds himself drawn to Texas.  And the Wilder Retreat.  He also tries to tell himself that he is not attracted to Elliott Wilder…that would make life way to complicate his life which isn’t really what he needs…..but Elliott is so tempting. The left at the altar bride, Sidney, also calls him. 

After being left at the altar in horrible fashion my heart broke for Sidney! And don’t even get me started on her family.  They are just plain terrible and do not deserve someone as amazing and kind as Sidney.  As she fled from the retreat on her wedding day; she got on with her life and focused on her business. When she comes back to the retreat to make some new more positive memories she runs smack dab into the two men she can’t get out of her head! 

I love throuple … .so much and Carrie Ann does them oh so well! Sometimes in a throuple it feels like maybe one relationship in the trio is more solid, but not in this! I really like how Trace and Elliott worked together but hadn’t gone past the friendship until Sydney was in the mix.  The family dynamics in this book were written so well. I really appreciated how Trace and Sidney bucked their family “tradition” and went with their hearts.  Trace, Elliott and Sidney fit so well together.  Trace is a natural caretaker, Sidney has so much love to give and Elliott provides them both with the love and sense of family they all so desperately need.  

To say I am ecstatic for the next round of Wilder’s is a huge understatement … Ridge gives off grumpy & stoic and we all know those men always fall hard for their ladies! And the blurb….Carrie Ann Ryan is such a tease! If you are new to Carrie Ann I think the Wilder family is a fabulous place to start.  You will fall fast and hard for her characters.  And her writing is just simply amazing. I promise you will quickly become a huge fan.