Exiled | Brenda Rothert

Reality shows are my guilty pleasure, so when I read the blurb for Exiled I knew I needed to read it.  From the very first page I was HOOKED.  I loved the premises for this book, it is unlike anything I have read. Brenda combined so many of my favorite things: hockey, reality television, and romance.  And friends, she did not disappoint! While I would consider this “hockey light” Archer is a professional hockey player for the Minnesota Mammoth’s and he along with a player from each team in the league are competing in a reality show during the off season.  The men have no real idea what it is about until they are competing on the island and they meet their teammate who is not a stranger to them.  Archer is Lauren’s first love, and when they broke up so he could move to Minnesota to play hockey she thought over him.  But this chance of lifetime was something she couldn’t pass up.  This reality show is providing Lauren who is a high school teacher an opportunity to purchase a home and put money away for her nephews college fund.  She is willing to put up with Archer.  Lauren is the girl that got away, and one that has always been in the back of Archer’s mind.  

These two have incredible chemistry, an easy friendship and some seriously stellar banter.  Archer moved to the top of my book boyfriend list.  He is just so sweet.  He is a natural caretaker and cheerleader.  He knows his strengths and Lauren’s and does a great job playing into those.  These two worked well together and it is clear that they have a strong foundation.  If love a great second chance romance, a good reality romance show with a little survivor thrown in, this book is for you! Once you start this book you will not want to put it down…I read this in one sitting!