On this episode it is time  to build the ultimate Romantic Suspense Special Ops Team full of Book Heroes with Podcast Contributors Rachel and Heather will be going head to head with Leah. We are going indulge Leah a bit with one of her most favorite things! We all know how much Leah loves her romantic suspense. But she is not the only one who is slightly obsessed with this sub-genre.   

Rules of the draft as follows 

Each person must pick 6 people for our special ops team 

  • Team Leader 
  • Hacker 
  • Sniper 
  • Medic 
  • 2 Misc. picks 

Each individual  cannot pick a someone from the  same  authors or series for their personal team. 

Once Rachel, Leah or Heather pick a team member they are no longer in play to be drafted.

Your team member  can be male or female 

You will have 60 secs to tell us who you are picking, position on your team and to Give 3-4 traits about why we chose them for our ops team. Make sure you include the Book in which the character is from.   

Teams are as follows :
Leah is Red 
Rachel is Blue 
Heather is Gold 

Book of the Week:


Discord Book Discussion:  Our first group read of 2022  is Sleet Kitten by SJ Tilley the discussion will be co-hosted by Becky and Heather.  on Jan 12th in discord.  We will than host the author on Jan 13th live on Instagram at 8p cst. To ask ask questions and such.  The next group read will be Jan 26th and we are reading Rush by Aurora Rose Renyolds.  co-hosting that is Jenni and Becky.   

New Year New Challenge:  We are breaking up our Reading Challenges for 2022. Instead of a yearlong challenge we will host 3 big challenges this year.  New to You Author, Summer Reading and Clear the TBR.  We will likely sprinkle in some smaller challenges throughout the year especially if left unsupervised.    

Next Up: We are talking 1 Click Author Criteria .  We are going to break down what makes an author become a one click for us.  We will be joined by a couple of our podcast contributors.   

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