Ep 209: Summering Challenge

On this episode, we’ll share fantastic book recommendations for each of the challenge prompts, ensuring you have the perfect reads to keep you entertained all summer long. So, grab your favorite drink, settle into your cozy reading nook, and let’s get buzzing about romance and all things bookish! 

Summer Reading Prompts:
Check out the challenge here

  • Have a Book Date 
  • Stack Your Summer TBR   
  • Participate in a Sip & Discuss Ep 
  • Ask a friend for a book to read 
  • Read a book from your TBR for over a year 
  • Read a Book by a BIPOC author 
  • Read a book from a Quick Shot of Romance 
  • Read a book that is a Foodie Romance 
  • Share a Shelfie 
  • Visit Your Library or Free Little Library 
  • Participate in a Buddy /Group Read   
  • Share you Current Favorite Cover 
  • Book Date with a Friend 
  • Share your Favorite Reading Spot   
  • Read a book with an LQBTQIA+ MC 
  • Mug Monday 
  • Read a Summer inspired Romance 
  • Read a New to You Author 
  • Read a Novella 
  • Shout out a Top Read of 2024 
  • Read a Book from the Top Reads of 2023 
  • Let a Co-Host Pick Your Next Read 
  • Read a book Rated 5 Stars by a co-host 
  • Show your Favorite author some love 
  • Participate in a Buddy /Group Read   

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Book of the Week:

Thank you to Swag Pack Sponsoring Authors
Special thanks to Tia Louise and the Multi-author series Farm to Forking.

Books Mentions this Episode:

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