Ep 206: Celebrating LGBTQIA Romances Reads

On this episode, Heather and Jenni join Becky to celebrate Pride Month with some of our favorite LGBTQIA romances reads. We are here to share incredible love stories that reflect the diversity and beauty of the LGBTQIA community. From heartwarming tales to passionate romances, we believe these stories deserve to be celebrated not just this month, but all year round.  

So, join us as we highlight books that inspire, empower, and celebrate love in all its forms. Let’s dive into these amazing reads and celebrate pride all year! 

Things to note if you are celebrating Pride this year and featuring and reading Queer Romances 

  • You should read Queer all year not just in June.  
  • It is not up to us to out Authors. It is fine to want to feature queer authors awesome, but it is not up to us to determine if they are queer or not.   
  • Make sure when you are featuring Queer authors to make sure you are providing a diverse list Pride does not equal whiteness.  
  • A Bi romance can look like a hetero-norm relationship.  

Book of the Week:

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Special thanks to Tia Louise and the Multi-author series “Fork 2 Table.

Books Mentioned this Episode:

Gay- MM  
  • The Bump by Sidney Karger  
  • Better than People by Roan Parrish  
  • One and Done by Frederick Smith – BIPOC (debut releasing June 11th)  
  • Finding Joy by Adrianna Herrera (her Dreamer series)  
  • Sapphire Cove by C Travis Rice  
  • Topping the Alpha by Samantha Cole.  

  • Late Boomer by Mazy Eddington- NA  
  • Fly with Me by Andi Burke  
  • Deliah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake  
  • Stars Collide by Rachel Lacey – Read listen on KU  
  • Love Charade by Allie McDermid- full of Scottish charm – fake dating and spicy Series of 3 books 
  • D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins 
  • Once Ghosted Twice Shy Alyssa Cole  
  • Madame by Sara Cate (FFM)  
  • Bound by Shannon Elliot (FFM) 
  • Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur 
  • Against the Board by Danica Flynn (M/F)  
  • The Chase by Danica Flynn (M/F)  
  • Trapped in Love by Danica Flynn  
  • Splintered by Isabel Lucero (M/M) LATINX  
  • Hot and Heavy by Mari Carr (MMF) 
  • Knit, Purl, a Baby and a Girl by Hettie Bell (F/F)  
  • Option Number 3 by Samantha Cole – MMF  
Pan Sexual  
  • Falling for You by Mariah Ankenman- Sapphic/BI/Pan 
  • Love & Other Disasters 
  • Sing Anyway by Anita Kelly  
  • Chef’s Kiss by TJ Alexander 
  • Season of Love by Helena Greer 

Go to Authors 

  • Antia Kelly  
  • Max Walker Latinx  
  • Shannon Elliot  
  • Roan Parrish  
  • MA Wardell 
  • Kelly Fox 

Gay- MM   

  • #Junnkie by Cambria Hebert 
  •  Trent and Drew, hashtag spin-off  
  • Teacher of the Year (Teachers in Love) by M.A. Wardell*   



  • Not Just Gal Pals by Elizabeth Luly*  
  • Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous by Mae Marvel releases June 11th, 2024 


  • On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan*   
  • Dean and Tabitha: Neighbors, former boxer, friends to lovers, temporary relationship?   Spicy mac and cheese  
  • Kiss Her Once for Me by Alice Cochrun (Demisexual rep as well)    

Pan Sexual   

For Never & Always by Helena Greer  


Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly  


Starting from Scratch (Housemates, #5) by Jay Northcote  

Luke (Unexpected Book 4) by Cora Rose  

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