Ep 194 Playlist-Love in Every Note

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance, where we explore the enchanting world of love stories intertwined with captivating playlists. Join us on a musical journey as we unravel the magic woven into the fabric of romance novels. 

Discussion Points:

  • Share your thoughts on the role of playlists in romance novels and how they enhance the genre.
  • Highlight your favorite romance novel with a memorable playlist and its impact on your reading experience.
  • Discuss the influence of playlist songs on writing, character development, and scene tone.
  • Share a specific song from a romance novel that perfectly captured emotions or the overall narrative.

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Book of the Week

Quote of the Week

“Life Hack Surround yourself with women who only want to see you happy and will lift you up and cheer you on like it’s their job” 

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Books Mentioned this Episode

Mixtape by Brittany Cherry  

Warrior Blue by Kelsey Kingsley 

Hoping for Hemingway by Kelsey Kingsley  

Aly Stiles  

Little Lies by Helena Hunting  

Love is the Tuesdays by Jake Scott   The Crush by Karla Sorenson  

No One Knows Us by the BANNERS Rewriting the Stars by Clarie Kingsley  

Chemistry of the Heart by Emi Leon  

A Little Bit Yours by JP Saxe  

Amanda’s Recs: 

What Saves Us by Maggie Gates (“Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton) 

The Broken One by Brittney Sahin (“Wrecked” by Imagine Dragons) 

Cooper by Lulu Moore (“Wonderwall” by Oasis, “Light On” by Maggie Rogers) 

Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark (“Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max) 

Sweet Solitude by Sav R. Miller (“The Hand that Feeds” by Nine Inch Nails – Amanda’s addition) 

Nikki Castle 

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