Ep 189 The Charisma of Chaos

In this installment of Buzzing about Romance, we are diving head first into The Charisma of Chaos with discussing some of our favorite villains, morally ambiguous figures, and anti-hero characters. Discover what attracts us to these complex personas and why they play a unique role in the narratives we love. 

Difference between the 3  

Villain- a hero-villain in romance is a character with shades of gray, challenging traditional notions of heroism. The narrative typically explores their journey of self-discovery, redemption, and the power of love to transform even the most morally complex individuals.  

Difference between a hero who is a villain  and an anti hero-  a hero-villain is a character with a mix of heroic and villainous traits who often undergoes redemption, while an anti-hero lacks many conventional heroic qualities and may not necessarily transform or seek redemption throughout the narrative. Both character types challenge traditional notions of heroism, but they do so in different ways. 

Morally grey heroes, anti-heroes, and hero-villains all share a common thread of moral complexity, but there are subtle distinctions in how each archetype is characterized.

  • Why do we like them  
  • What makes us keep coming back.   
  • Real life red flags- but ok in romance-  

Book of the Week

This weeks Quote –
“For me, she existed in a place without rules or reason because without her, nothing else mattered.” 

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Books/Authors Mentioned this Episode

Savage Little Games  Lane Hart 
Perfectly Imperfect Neva Altaj 
Anti-Heroes Sara Cate
When She Unravels (The Fallen, #1)
Sands, Gabrielle
Tempted by the Devil Michelle Heard 
The Hunt in Elusion ML Philpitt
Ruthless Salvation
Jill Ramsower
Dangerous Kings Sienna Snow 
Vicious Vow Sarah Bale 
Lesser Series Penelope Sky
Gorgeous Monster Charity Ferrell 
Dante Sadie Kincaid
Butcher and Blackbird Brynne Weaver 
Until Mayhem Layla Frost
Cavalieri Billionaire Legacy, Zoe Blake 
Den of Sin Renee Rose /Alta Hensley 
Don’t forget me Tomorrow AL Jackson
Joey Sadie Kincaid
Hacker Sawyer Bennett (Ivanov Crime Family #2) Zoe Blake 
Partners in CrimeAlisha Rai

Vipers and Virtuosos Sav R. Miller
Heart of Obsidian Nalini Singh

HeathensAlta Hensley
Deceptive Knight Sienna Snow
Hooked Emily McIntire
Anti-Heroes in Love Duet Giana Darling
Sweet Sacrifice Sav R. Miller
Wretched Emily McIntire
Iron and Magic Ilona Andrews
FeatherOlivia Wildenstein
Beast of Bishop’s Landing Amelia Wilde
The Bastard’s Bargain Dmitri Romanov

Cain Alex Wolf
In Too Deep Rebecca Sharp
Repeat Offender Lani Lynn Vale
The Thief Who Loved Me Cynthia Eden
Deathly Brynne Asher
DamagedLayla Frost
Rev Jacinda Wilder
Valentino’s Kylie Kent
Jagger Cole
The Devil I Don’t Know LK Shaw
Sky Scraper Cinderella K Webster
Savage Sins/Savage Secrets Sarah Bale
 Until I Get You Claire Contreras

Sinful Crown Ava Harrison
HookedEmily McIntire
Sinners Deut Sophie Lark
Road To Fire (Broken Crown Trilogy)Maria Luis
The Fractured Ever Afters ML Philpitt
Beautifully Cruel J.T. Geissinger
Tarnished Empire Series Shain Rose
The Real Deal (Dublin Nights) Brittney Sahin
Dark Russian Angel Odette Stone
Not So Prince Charming (Dirty Fairy Tales #2) Lauren Landish
Sins of a King (Sins #1)Emma Slate

Darkest Before Dawn Maya Banks
The Bastard’s Bargain Katee Robert
Black Heart Lynn Raye Harris
Scorned Vows Victoria Paige
Souls Brynne Asher
Give Me a Reason AL Jackson

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