Ep 186 New Year, New Authors

On this episode we are going to talk about all the books we are excited about in 2024.  It is a New Year- Time for New Reads.  We will also talk about some new to us authors we are excited to check out in the new year.  

Term of the Week – Showing vs Telling  

When someone says a book “does a lot of showing,” they are likely referring to the storytelling technique of “showing” rather than “telling.” In literature, “showing” involves presenting details, actions, and emotions through vivid and descriptive language, allowing readers to experience and interpret the story themselves. This approach engages the reader’s imagination and encourages them to draw conclusions based on the presented information.  On the other hand, “telling” is more straightforward and provides information directly to the reader without allowing them to infer or visualize the details. It often involves stating facts or summarizing events. Full article at https://Bookcasemedia.com  

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Discussion Points for this episode

  • How do you find new authors  
  • What are you looking for in a new author  
  • What are you doing to diversify your authors in 2024  
  • Rep Like disability, BIPOC, Queer  
  • One Goal you hope to accomplish as far as Reading in 2024.  
  • Books you are looking forward to in 2024?  

Reading Challenges- New to You Author Challenge

Brittany – bookishmillennial on tiktok and IG started a challenge called baseline challenge   MISSION: read a minimum of 3 books by BIPOC authors per month, for the entirety of 2024 (to make a minimum of 36 BIPOC books), in order to help form the habit of reading and supporting BIPOC books.  They have created challenges and Prompts.  Not all are romance based but they have some good ones.  I will link the challenge and their socials in the show notes!

Book of the Week

New Segments- Can you guess the book- Each week we will share a quote from a recent or popular Buzzing about Romance Read- You have the chance to Email us your guess at [email protected] .  We will announce the correct guess on next week’s show. 

This weeks Quote –
“Do you sing songs, drummer dude?”  

Swag Packs sponsoring author for January are Authors Kaylene Winters and Sienna Snow

Where to start with their books:

Books Mentioned this episode

An Unfinished Memory by Marie Johnston (Feb 15)

Falling for Mr. Bad by Melissa Foster (Feb 21)

Oar than Friends by Lulu Moore (Mar 1)

Before This Ends by Aurora Rose Reynolds (Mar 1)

Erik’s Refuge by Nyssa Kathryn (Mar 8)

The Fallen One by Brittney Sahin (Mar 14)

Rebel Without Claws by Juliette Cross (TBD)

New Helena Hunting Hockey Series If you Hate me 

The Bump by Sidney Karger 

New Sarah Bale 

Amat Award Wienner Down the Way 

Walk of Shame by Avery Flynn

Molly McLain her Book 3 in her small town series 

Reluctant Royals by Erin Nichole/Erin Nicholas 

Natalie Cana 

Truth According to Ember by Danica Nava 

Books Mentioned this episode

Ward Willing- Amanda Richardson 

Sadie Kincaid 

Neva Altaj 

New Kennedy Ryan- This Could be Us 

At First Spite by Olivia Dade 

Swayers Small town 

Callum-Sawyer Bennett

Keres-Sadie Kincaid 

Wilder Cousins – Carrie Ann Ryan 

Heartson Creek Carrie elks (2nd gen) 

Xio Axelrod- book 2 of the lilies Girls with Bad Reputation 

Meant for Stone Natasha Madison

Before this Ends by Aurora Rose Reynold

Love Lies and Cherry Pie b y Jackie Lau 

Charity Farrel’s book 3 in the mafia 

Carrie Ann Ryan- Wilder Cousins 

The Bang Brothers- 5 Hockey Authors 

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