Ep 173: Binging the Series

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance is all about the Binge!  Binge Reading and  our favorite Bingeable Romance Series. Becky is joined by Heather, Leah and Amanda.

On episode 97 Leah and I cover the different Kind of Series.   

Romance Term of the Week- Interconnected Series Each individual series is a standalone series within the main “world” and is connected by a setting, a character or two. Each Series is typically Launched by a spin off/Cross over book.   

A Series with Overarching Theme/Storyline: When something is overarching, it affects or includes everything. While each story will have its own  couple  and HEA there will be an  , overarching theme that is carried throughout the series…   could be a mystery or a problem   

Series of standalones: Each individual Book is a standalone story within the main “series” and is connected by a setting, a character or two, and a few Easter Eggs leading to other stories and glimpses of past stories   

Duology- is a narrative series comprising two books- Meaning it will take two full length novels to tell the whole story.  Book 1 will end with an cliffhanger   

Trilogy– a series of three novels that tell a complete story.  Book 1 and 2 will end on Cliffhangers.    

Discussion Points –

  • Are you a Binge Reader? 
  • How do you approach a series?  
  • Do you hold off on a series until it is complete?  
  • Do you have to read in order 
  • Can you Machete a series ?  
  • Do you read it in chunks 
  • Best Part of Binge Reading a series  
  • Worst Part of Bing Reading a series  

Book of the Week:

Books/Series Mentioned this Episode

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