Ep 152 – Giddyup, Cowboys!

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are talking Western Romance with a spotlight on Cowboy Romances, joining us to help is Carolina, Lindsey, and Heather.

Romance Term of the Week – a genre that is part of a larger genre.  We are the romance Genre- Western is a subgenre of romance. Cowboys are also a subgenre It is wider umbrella than a Trope.   

Things we cover in this episode.

What is a western romance vs a cowboy romance and the intersect of small town and cowboys/western
  • Example of westerns
  • Examples of cowboys  
  • The challenge to find Cowboys with spice   
  • Lack of cowboys in KU  
  • Popularity of a show like Yellow Stone and it isn’t really resulting in similar books  
    • Any examples of romances with the Yellow Stone Family Vibe  
  • Dark Cowboy Romances  

What is the draw to a Cowboy Romance  
What do you expect in a Cowboy Romance  
What do you like in cowboy Romance 
Different types of Cowboy Romances- 

  • Ranchers  
  • Rodeo 
  • Cowboy adjacent  
  • Family Series   

Series/Book Recs.   

  • top 5 Cowboy series/books/Authors 
  • Share any series or book recs that fit Western/Cowboy  

Cowboy Authors  

  • Mazey Yates – category   
  • Lori Foster  
  • Robyn Carr  
  • Linda Lael Miller  
  • Diana Palmer  
  • Lori Wilde  
  • Nora Roberts  

Book of the week :

Back by Popular Demand is Summer Reading Challenge. It is a scaled back version but will still be lots of fun. 

You can find a list of our all our events at Bookcaseandcoffee.com/Events Including Happy Hours, IG Lives and Book Clubs.   

Did you know that Buzzing about Romance is going to its first signing in November? Buzzing about Romance is the sponsoring Podcast at The HEA Readers Event.  Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to let some of the participating authors introduce themselves.   

List of Series Mentioned in this Episode

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