Ep 136 Reader’s Guide to Green Valley, TN

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance We are going to talk about the World of Green Valley, TN. We are joined by Jenni and Lindsey who are both big Penny Reid fans but also love the other books written in the world.  Jenni and Lindsey are our Podcast authorizes on this topic.   

We were first introduced to Green Valley, TN by Penny Reid in her Winston Brothers series.  The very first instance is in Ashley Winston’s book a crossover from the Knitting in the City series (Beauty and the Mustache, August 2014) 

If you have never heard about Green Valley, TN or are interested in checking out these titles. Where do you start?  

  • Winston Brothers    
  • Handcrafted Mysteries  
  • Good Folk Series.  

Here’s our recommended reading order for all the Winston Brothers / Green Valley World books written by Penny Reid. You do not have to read them in this order!! But if you want to know, here it is: 

KITC 4.0 Beauty and the Mustache (Can be read as a standalone, Ashley and Drew) 
WB 1.0 Truth or Beard (Can be read as a standalone, Duane and Jessica) 
WB 2.0 Grin and Beard It (Can be read as a standalone, Jethro and Sienna) 
WB 3.0 Beard Science (Can be read as a standalone, Cletus and Jenn) 
WB 4.0 Beard in Mind (Can be read as a standalone, Beau and Shelly) 
SFP 1.0 Engagement and Espionage (Should read ‘Beard Science’ first, Cletus and Jenn) 
SFP 2.0 Marriage and Murder (Should read ‘Beard Science’ and ‘Engagement and Espionage’ first, Cletus and Jenn) 
WB 4.5 Beard In Hiding (Should read ‘Beard Science,’ and Solving for Pie series books first, Diane and Repo) 
WB 5.0 Dr. Strange Beard (Can be read as a standalone, Roscoe and Simone) 
WB 6.0 Beard With Me (Can be read as a standalone, prequel for Billy and Scarlet) 
There is a time jump here that sometimes get missed. 
WB 7.0 Beard Necessities (Can be read as a standalone, Billy and Scarlet) 
GF 1.0 Totally Folked (Can be read as a standalone, Jackson and Rae) 
GF 2.0 Folk Around and Find Out (Can be read as a standalone, Hank and Charlotte) 
GF 3.0 (Can be read as a standalone, Isaac and …. ) 

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