Dirty Rebound by Mira Lyn Kelly

You know when you read about the first kiss and it catches your breath in your throat and steals your heart you know you have a book for the ages. 

Ruxton is by far one of the best kissers I have ever read!  He is all slight touches and gentle hands.  He is all about the almost kiss.  He leans in and there is spark and magic before his lips even touch.  Rux is such an amazing character for a talented hockey player he lacks that little push to grab hold of what he wants.  For his hockey game it took his best buddy Greg to push him forward and show him he can be the best. For his heart it is simply his sunshine, Cammy.

Cammy is the doing it all living her best life single mom.  She is juggling her job, her sweet boy Matty, and the fact that after 7 years Matty’s dad is back in Chicago.  Cammy wants her life to appear as she is doing great on all fronts including her love life.  The Blip of bad dates leads to a kiss from Rux that shatters their very established friendship routine and leads to some of the best, swooniest, romantic love I have read in a minute. 

Rux and Cammy are so established in their long running friendship they haven’t realized that they truly love each other in more than the friendship way. That first kiss is a catalyst that leads to wonder woman undies and both opening to the possibility of an always. 

The added conflict of Rux’s position on his hockey team, his self-doubts, and Matty’s dad lead to a phenomenal read.  The bonus of very brief glances of the other members of the Chicago Slayers is total bonus points!

I love Slayer’s hockey!  I am a huge fan of these stories.  You laugh,  you get all the big feels and plenty of steam.  Dirty Rebound is a 5/5 star for me.  I loved every second of this story!  I can’t wait to see what is next from Kelly.