Depravity Delivered| Marie James

Before reading this book PLEASE note trigger warnings; this book has extremely dark themes, please know this before reading. 

First off know this book will not be for everyone, but if you read it you will be taken on a wild ride.  Marie James told readers she was pushing us and herself out of her comfort zone on this series, and she did not lie.  Ayla was abruptly thrust into the role of parent to her teen sister.  When it is time for her sister to venture off to college Alya is feeling a little melancholy.  She is caught off guard and finds herself kidnapped and forced into trafficking.  Alya is so mentally strong.  So strong.  I kept thinking over and over how I am not sure how she continues to have the mental fortitude to live through what she is living through. Nash took on a job, and it quickly became more than that.  He too found himself trafficked.  Nash is closed off and doesn’t let anyone in.  Readers truly don’t know much about him, but what we do know is Ayla is his soft spot. 
This duo was thrust into  horrific circumstances, and found solace in one another.  Their souls knew each other and they provided comfort to one another in their darkest days.  From the start readers were dedicated to this pair finding happiness with each other.  Nash and Ayla protect one another against the world, and trust one another in a way they never trust anyone else.  This book was amazing, but also emotional- there were days I wasn’t able to read it because it was heavy.  But also an important book because life isn’t always perfect, and people are thrust into situations where they are in danger.  Nash and Ayla were meant for one another and I am so happy that Marie James shared their story with readers.  We also got a glimpse into her other series…which left me wanting more and more of this series and her others!