Change is Good.

Bookcase and Coffee is dedicated to promoting the Romance Book Genre. We celebrate all things Romance with podcasts, author interviews, book reviews, release parties and Happy Hours. When we aren’t reading you can find us chatting books, sharing our favorite reads with fellow romance lovers. Bookcase and Coffee is for the lover of Romance, Coffee and the HEA.

Since I want Bookcase and Coffee to be an every growing, ever evolving project sometimes we have to shake things up and change them.

You might have noticed our name change for the podcast. I am very excited to share this with all of you.  This is something I have been toying with since last fall. I really want the name to reflect what the podcast is about.  I also want the name to be a bit more inclusive for everyone.  So your podcast feeds will now having Buzzing about Romance.

Things you should know. 

We are still going to be discussing and sharing our love of all things romance. You can still expect all the things you love, your favorite Authors joining for interviews, Quick Shot of Romance Reviews, Happy Hours and of course Drunk Book Club!   We still want to sip cocktails and talk our favorite Romance Reads.
You will also notice that our Youtube Channel has changed to Bookcase and Coffee. The only thing changing is the name, promise. By changing the channel name this allows us to expand and offer a wider variety of content to our followers.

New Co-Host

I am very happy to announce my new co-host Leah.  You might have noticed her on some of our happy hours and quick shots of romance.

Never fear, Katie still promises to be our Duchess of all things Historical. 

If you have any questions please feel to email us at [email protected]