Camden | Sawyer Bennett

The last of “the lucky three” to find love is Camden Poe.  Camden seemed to be “fine” after the crash took the lives of so many of his teammates.  But almost a year later, he is not so fine.  And it is impacting his life, but especially his on ice performance.  Camden has always been the character that is there, but we never knew so much about him, so I have been so anxious for his book.  

Danica, a single mother after losing her husband in the Titans plane crash.  She is working through navigating her new life.  She has a new job, a new house, and parenting alone.  Danica has worked through her grief in such a positive and healthy way.  However, that is not to say that she is not grieving, because the process is different and unique to each person.  But I love how Bennett highlights the way that Danica moved through the grieving process as well as supported her son through the grief of losing her husband, Mitch.  

It was evident on the page that Danican and Camden are not new friends, yet friends navigating a different path.  Their relationship grew so organically and I loved the very natural progression of their new romantic relationship.  Camden and Danica are seriously so adorable and sweet.  As a couple they did a great job of communicating, and they really brought the best out in one another.   I also appreciated how Danica’s son played a role in the book as well, he was never forgotten like so many kids are in single parent romances.  

If there is a record for the most amount of crying fits in a Sawyer Bennett book, I think this one is in a three way tie with Baden & Gage. I was not prepared for the amount of emotions that Camden and Danica brought to the table.  The level of honesty and communication that these two had was seriously relationship goals! They didn’t hold back with each other.  I felt the emotional struggle that Camden experienced, and could completely relate to all of his feelings.  There was not a single thing that was rushed about these two and it was perfect until the very last word.   Friends, Sawyer has done it again.  She has given us a couple that we love to laugh and cry with and have been rooting for since the very beginning.  Another epic love story in the Titans series! 

Also, the tease for Bain was pretty amazing … .the countdown is on for his teammates sister/friends with benefits!  November 2023 can hurry up!!!