Callan’s Atlas | Brigs Ferry Bay Series book #3 | K Webster

* MM Romance

* Age Gap

* Feisty Characters 

* Hot Alpha Cop 

This is the third book in the Brigs Ferry Bay series. Brigs Ferry Bay is a small town in Maine with a large population of LQBTQ and popular amongst tourists.  Not everyone in BFB embraces same sex couples and aren’t shy about being awful.  We have met Callan in previous books and his story will break your heart.  Callan just out of high school has lived more than many, and impacts the way others treat him. Because of recent events in Brigs Ferry Bay they are in need of another police officer, in comes Atlas.  Atlas left Brigs Ferry Bay and never saw himself returning, but he’s back.  And he takes notice of Callan.  And Callan notices the hot broody new cop in town.  The pair embarked on a push and pull relationship that had me laughing.  I wanted them so badly to get out their own way and just embrace their connection.  I will be honest, the age gap made me cringe at first.  Callan is young.  But he has worldly experience that makes him seem much older than his 18 years.  And Atlas, older and wiser has never been connected to another person the way he is connected to Callan.  These two have some amazing banter and some seriously hot chemistry.  Like I thought my kindle was going to melt.  They are HOT.  Let me tell you Atlas has a dirty mouth, but I am here for it!  The pair definitely kept their life on the down low and I loved how their relationship grew.  Like the other books in the series there is some mystery and suspense that made this book impossible to put down.  I read this in almost one sitting….I had to take a break to make dinner and that was it!  

If you are new to MM romance, I would highly recommend reading this series.  I have loved how both Webster and Walker describe this little town and the characters.  They are all so different and eclectic making you wish you could really go visit them all! I adore this series, and am so looking forward to the next week in the series.  Make sure that you get the bonus scene at the end… is totally worth it.  It was around 11 when I finished and I almost had to message the author begging for more of the epilogue.  It is that good! Looking forward to Leif’s Serenity coming later in May ‘21!