Bitter Sweet Heart |H. Hunting

Sometimes a book is so anticipated that once you get your hands on it, the book just doesn’t measure up.  Well, friends.  That is NOT the case with Bitter Sweet Heart.  If you consider Alex Waters a book boyfriend of yours, his son, Maverick might bump him from the spot.  Maverick Waters has the kindest old soul and is in the body of a college hockey star.  He has the ability to read people, pick up on their emotions and he feels with every fiber of his body.  Maverick takes on the role of caretaker with so many in his life, and the others he lets them see what they need to see.  Clover starting a new life and new career finds the one man she shouldn’t be attracted to in her class.  She is fresh off a toxic relationship and is finding her independence.  She is so emotionally strong, very intelligent and independent.  But when she and Maverick are together she shines so bright.  They each bring out each other’s best qualities and she has such a quiet gentle presence that brings a peace to Mavericks inner chaos.  While he provides her the protection and encouragement to be her.  Maverick and Clover have a magnetic connection that we feel as readers.  They just get each other on a level that people dream of having with their partners. There is a fair amount of angst and barriers in this pair’s way, and it was such a joy watching them fall in love.  While the secretiveness of the relationship always adds an added layer of taboo I feel like it allowed these two to build a deeper bond therefore allowing them the foundation to move forward when others had their doubts.  

While Maverick and Clover are definitely the stars of this book, I truly adored being able to see Violet and Alex through their children’s eyes.  Alex completely melted my heart, and at one point I had to put the book down so I could ugly cry.  I love how Helena highlighted that parenting is hard, and just because children grow doesn’t mean they need their parents’ love and support any less.  Violet is a fierce protector of her babies, but still balances open communication, humor, and all the classic embarrassing moments that are so Violet.  This is one book that you will want to read or listen to over and over. I will never ever hesitate to recommend this book….also, be prepared to reread the whole PUCKED series. If you are an audiobook fan, Zachary Webber & Andi Arndt are PHENOMENAL (as always) the emotion that Helena wrote poured out of this team and it was so beautifully done.