Beck and Call Kimberly Carrillo

Imagine being completely on your own.  No Family to depend on anywhere in the world.  The last person who loved you died 6 years ago and, in that time, you have picked yourself up, graduated from college and moved across the country without a job or family to help you.  Evie does all of this.  While the bad seems to be winning she hasn’t given up hope.  Not quite an eternal optimist so much as an idolizer.  She knows that something better is out there than her diner job and teeny apartment.  Evie Holmes isn’t afraid of hard work and doesn’t shy away from the possibility of failure.  The character of Evie is real and relatable.  We all have bad times, but you just keep putting one step in front of the other and keep hoping for the best. 

Then enters Beckett Anderson.  He is a control freak who even though his life is full of family and friends his past is dictating how he handles relationships. Beckett (Beck) is attracted to Evie the moment he walks into the diner where she works.    

A chance encounter and an impromptu business proposal could be the solution for both.

I loved the push and pull of this book.  I liked that Beckett had a hard time letting go of his past to allow himself to have a future with Evie.  There are moments in the story where you wonder what trope will come next, but every trope works in this book and makes it an amazing read.  I started this book and could not put it down.  It was sexy but not over the top.  A modern-day retelling of Cinderella with just enough of a twist for you to realize the uniqueness of the story.  This was not your typical CEO sweeping the down on her luck orphaned waitress off her feet, love at first sight novel.  Instead you get amazing character development and a authentic storyline.  This was a first time reading Kimberly Carrillo for me and I will totally be going back and reading everything I can in her catalogue.