Always Her Love by Melissa Foster

POV: 3rd Person
PoP: 50%
Tropes: Single Dad; Friends to Lovers; Childhood Crush; Sister’s Ex; Small Town; Family Series; Close Proximity
Series: The Steeles at Silver Island book 4
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate:  5/5 Stars
Release Date: September 21, 2022

Tara and Levi have basically been in a relationship without the benefits. She has helped him raise his daughter since she was born when Levi was barely twenty. Tara has been a physical and emotional part of their lives, but Levi has been so focused on making sure that Joey had everything she needed that he put relationships on the back burner. He was fairly oblivious to the world around him in some ways, until his brother Archer mentions to him the fact that Tara has feelings for him. That is all he can think about now, and goes back and forth about whether it’s true or if his siblings are seeing things.

Tara in truth has been in love with Levi forever, but has always tried to keep her feelings under wraps because his sister is the mother of Levi’s daughter. That being said, Tara has been the mom to Joey in every way. Friends to lovers is sometimes a trope that doesn’t work and is unbelievable, but for this one it works. There are some factors at play that keep their feelings from going forward, and there are some moments to work through. I really loved this story. It shows the deep connections of the Steele family and how much they stand up for each other.

And Levi Steele… oh boy, you aren’t ready for him and his mouth. The way he treats Tara is perfection, and the way in which they both are willing to work together and compromise with each other makes this story work so well. You don’t have to read the rest of the Steele series, but you are missing out on some extremely engaging and emotionally charged stories.