All the Feels by Olivia Dade

Rating 5/5
Steam 3/5
Trope: Hollywood hero, close proximity, one bed, grumpy sunshine, Neurodiverse character, real body heroine
Series: Spoiler Alert #2

All through Spoiler Alert I was very intrigued by Alex and Lauren.  I truly could not wait to get my hands on their story. 

What happens when one of TV’s most popular shows star ends up involved in a bar fight, finding himself at jail? The show runners hired someone to control and babysit him 24/7 as not to harm his character and public image.  Alexander Woodroe is Cupid in the super popular TV show Gods of the Gates. Known for his charm and witty there is so much more to Alex.

Alex’s babysitter is a showrunner’s cousin Lauren Clegg, an ER therapist who needs a current break from her job, but she cannot say no to her family and her holiday plans in Spain are canceled when she makes mistake to stop by at show set to say hi to her cousin she truly hates.  Now she’s been hired to accompany Alex everywhere until the show airs its last episode. If Alex doesn’t do what Lauren says, they will replace her with more vicious babysitter, and he will suffer from the legal and professional consequences outlined in his contract.

Lauren is trapped in her job. She has a terrible time with boundaries.  She needs the money the show is offering so that she can figure out what she truly wants to do.  The feelings the Lauren has is so many of us. You instantly connect with the feelings of just doing a job to get by.  That it is hard to fill that quest to what makes you happy when you are just making do.

Alex is trapped with her because he has commitments, sending regularly exact amount of fund to charities and his mom and he doesn’t want to ruin his entire career he’s built!  In the beginning Alex’s behavior is childish.  He is live an irreverent child who needs put in time out. He makes it very hard to like him in the beginning.  His talking nonstop, making jokes, doing everything to crack the facade she’s built around to make a connection. I really liked Alex from the first book but when I learn of  his traumatic past , his guilt feelings, his sweet and vulnerable sides, his illness, I just wanted to hug him.  He is a character that will stay with you forever.

Lauren is not impressed with Alex’s childish behaviors.  But as soon as she learns more about him and truly connects with Alex, she finds out he’s kindhearted, being loved by his entire crew and generous man who helps the people suffer from traumatic experiences.

A true and genuine friendship blossoms around them which eventually turns into an intimate relationship. Their connection is so special, and I really love the two of them together.  They have feelings for each other, but the people can be so mean, hostile, and criticizing with their biased thoughts when they talk about a Hollywood star’s love life.

What really speaks so well in this story is the way Alex and Lauren are so different.  Alex can be so impulsive, acts violently without pondering and his volatile manners can ruin his entire career when he sees someone, he cares hurts! Lauren on the other hand never stands for herself, letting people hurt her not to get involved in fights!

I just really loved this book. It does have a similar storyline feel to Spoiler Alert, but I think it is so much better!  The author does such and amazing job of juggling so many different characters and who they are that the story never feels congested or over done or forced.  There is a natural progression in this story that makes it so relatable.   Alex, our hero, has ADHD and seemingly violent tendencies (which we learn is simply not true) and is struggling with his role in Hollywood and his past but is an outwardly happy for lucky dude. Lauren, our heroine, is a more serious and realistic woman who has to learn how to put her needs over others and gets assigned to essentially babysit Alex.

I loved how many tropes are in this book, grump and sunshine is one of my favorites and this book has that but reversed from the traditional roles; he is the sunshine, and she is the grump in this case. There is a self-awareness in this book, the characters know who they are and what they are, they are both learning to embrace it.   There’s an “only one bed” scene and Alex is fully aware and does a happy dance because that’s one of his favorite tropes in fanfic. I was dying laughing the entire time. So, while this seems like a fun and fluffy romcom, there are some heavier undertones to help explain why Alec and Lauren are the way they are. It was adorable and fun and a book I’d recommend. This is by far the best of Olivia Dade’s books.