Why I re-read?

As many people have been sheltering in place because of the Covid-19 Pandemic I have noticed lots of re-reading books or series they love.  It got me thinking about the concept of re-reading and why we do it. 

I often have an internal debate with myself about why I re-read some books and others I don’t.  Why are some book re-readable to me while others are a one-shot campaign?  So, I pondered this question and also posed the question to some other bloggers. 

Here are my thoughts:

First off all I am a fast reader.  Because of how I read I sometimes miss little things that I can catch on a second or third pass.  While it might not impact the main story line maybe It is as simple as interaction with a supporting character or a look passing between the main characters that helps you connect with them more.  Each time I re-read a story it is almost a different experience.  Sometimes I find little things about the main characters that I don’t like or maybe a character who I was on the fence about I now love.

Rereading a beloved story is like calling an old friend. It is a brain’s comfort food. There is something safe within the familiarity of a story. Knowing when the hero is going to make missteps.  Knowing how the heroine will respond to those missteps.  It can also help recreate a moment when you first experienced the story.  For example, I read the Secret by Julie Garwood right around the time I was experience my first heart break in high school.  When I read this story and makes me realize how special my best friend was.  And how they supported me through that lose. The Secret had two best friends in it that were there together through their fears and through it they strengthen their friendship and found love. 

 I developed my devotion to all things Judith McNaught during a particular hard time in my life.  I was able to escape into her world and not have to cope with my reality.  Now when I am overwhelmed with life one of the things, I use to cope with this is to re-read these books.  About three years ago Judith McNaught books were finally available on digital platforms, this awesome event happened to coincide with my son’s liver transplant.  As I spend weeks in the hospital supporting him as he healed and recovered I was comforted and escaped by reading all of her stories.  It was the perfect way to calm my soul and take time for me. 

Not every book we read is work the re-read.  If I come across a clunker or maybe a book that I have a hard time reading I might come back to it and retry but typically most of these get one read from me and I move on.  There must be a character or a moment in the book that relates to you that draws you back each time. 

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