Summer Reading Challenge Virtual Book Club!

Buzzing about Romance and The Hive is excited to start a Summer Reading Challenge virtual book club!

To kickstart our summer of reading we will be hosting a virtual book club here in the Facebook Group and in our Discord group.

How will the book club work?
There will be 5 genres with 5 different books. All books for the month of May are available in Kindle Unlimited. Readers can choose one or four books to read for the month.*
Mafia/Dark Romance*
Sports Romance*
Romantic Suspense*
Contemporary Romance*
Paranormal Romance*

On book club day
The Hive moderators will create a post for each book. Within the post, there will be discussion questions & talking points. Readers will be able to interact with each other about the book or books.- This book club is super flexible! Everything can be done on your phone or while you are drinking a cocktail or coffee!- The post will stay active for 48 hours after book club night, so if that night doesn’t fit your schedule you can still interact with your bookish friends!

Why a book club?
Because it is FUN!- The ability to read different authors, different genres, and interact with other readers that love the same books as you do!

Thursday, May 27, 2021 RIGHT in the Facebook group and in our discussion board on Discord!
Facebook group:

Do you have any questions! PLEASE ask we are happy to answer ANY questions you have! Email us at [email protected]

We hope that you join us……we have book club planned for June, July and August, too!