Unlock the Hidden Gem of Audiobooks with Spotify Premium

Are you a Spotify user? If so, here’s some exciting news that might have slipped under your radar.

Did you know that your Spotify Premium subscription, excluding the premium student plan, comes with an additional perk – 15 hours of audiobook listening each month? Yes, you heard it right! Your monthly plan not only grants you access to over 80 MILLION songs and podcasts but also offers you 15 hours of audiobook content at no extra cost. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of audiobooks on Spotify Premium, exploring the features, benefits, and even a way to extend your listening hours.

Exploring Spotify Premium:

Let’s take a closer look at the Spotify Premium plans that come with this fantastic audiobook feature:

  1. Premium Individual – $10.99/month
  2. Premium Duo – $14.99/month
  3. Premium Family – $16.99/month

Here’s the catch – only the plan manager receives the 15 hours of audiobook listening.
15 hours EVERY MONTH if you are an active subscriber!
So, if you’re the designated manager, you’re in for a treat!

Top-Up Your Listening Hours:

What if 15 hours just aren’t enough for your voracious audiobook appetite? Spotify has you covered! You can purchase additional Top-Up hours to extend your listening pleasure. For just $12.99, you can add 10 extra hours to your account. Keep in mind that the Top-Up hours are valid for 12 months from the purchase date, offering flexibility and ensuring you get the most out of your subscription.

But wait, there’s more:

It’s not just about audiobooks! With your Spotify Premium subscription, you can download playlists, songs, and podcasts for offline listening, play songs in any order, and enjoy an ad-free experience. The best part? Your listening is unlimited!

Enroll in Spotify Premium Today:

Ready to embark on this audiobook journey? Enroll in Spotify Premium now and unlock a world of entertainment. Simply visit Spotify Premium Signup and choose the plan that suits you best.

Already a Premium user and craving more audiobook hours?

If you’re already a Spotify Premium user and find yourself wanting more audiobook hours, you can easily add Top-Up hours to your account. Just visit Spotify Top-Up and enhance your listening experience.

Spotify Premium is not just about music; it’s a gateway to a diverse range of audio content, including audiobooks. Take advantage of the 15 hours of audiobook listening that comes with your subscription, and consider extending your hours with Top-Up if needed. With the unbeatable combination of music, podcasts, and audiobooks, Spotify Premium offers an all-encompassing audio experience that’s hard to resist. Enrich your daily routine with the power of storytelling – all at the touch of your fingertips!

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