Special Tribute to romance author Julie Garwood

This is a special episode of Buzzing about Romance in Honor of author Julie Garwood.  This is our way of honoring her contributions to Romancelandia and how she helped many of us find the joys of the Scottish Highlander and the HEA. On June 8, 2023 author Julie Garwood passed away.  

Julia Elizabeth Garwood
DECEMBER 26, 1944 – JUNE 8, 2023

Julie Garwood was 78.  She has over 40 million books in Print in over 32 languages.  She published a total of 36 adult novels. She also wrote under a publishing owned Pen Name Collective as Emily Chase and added to the Canby Hall Serial.   She was a New York Times Bestselling Author.  

Full Obituary

Julie Garwood has had a significant impact on romance publishing throughout her career, especially within the subgenres of historical and contemporary romance. She is known for her compelling storytelling, strong character development, and engaging plots that have captivated readers.  

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