Review: When the Time is Right

By M. Mabie and Aly Martinez

The amount of emotions I have right now after reading When the Time is Right could fill an Olympic pool!  I am not usually a fan of Friends to Lovers trope especially when they are close friends, but this was the perfect example of the trope done right!  This might be the best read I have read in a very long time. I laughed.  I cried.  I had so many feels reading this book!

Let’s break down the characters briefly. I do not want to give to much of this story away because it is one you need to experience with each turn of the page. 

Hudson(Hud) – because of his upbringing Hudson has become a fixer.  He wants the people he cares about to be taken care and to fix all their worries.  He wants to shoulder the burden for everyone.  A fling with a friend leads to his son, who is the greatest joy in his life.  He does everything he can to show how much he loves and cares for all the people in his life. 

Alexis (Lex)-she has trauma of her own. The tragic loss of her fiancé at age 22 has defined all her actions for the last 6 years.  She has a great family life and it isn’t until her brother is getting married that she starts to question her single status.  Lex is this super smart and sassy lady. She has snark in spades and brings so much laughter. As you get to know the real Lex you will realize how special that laughter and smile are. 

The evolution of Lex and Hudson’s relationship was natural. It isn’t like one day they are pals and bam overnight they are in bed together. There is a very believable progression of their relationship. The realization that they have feelings for each other takes time for them to accept and find balance.   I love their interactions with Hudson’s son Jack.  So many funny moments. 

This was my first time reading anything by this author duo and it was wonderful.  I loved it. This is totally in the running for one of my favorite books of 2020.  I want to call Lex and go have margaritas with her.  She is the type of person who would sit and eat all the chips and snark at the world with you.  Such a phenomenal read.  This is of course a 5/5 star read for me. I really need to give it like 25 more stores. It was just that good!