Review: Unhitched by Jillian Neal  

Rating 4/5
Tropes: Runaway bride, cowboy, forced proximity, family series, trapped/weather, hard of hearing MC,
Series: Camden Ranch
Series of Standalones
Pop: 48%

There is so much romance goodness in this book I am not sure where to start. I love a runaway bride. I love the natural angst that this creates as the heroine has a dawning of understanding that maybe they are with the wrong person. The fact that it is usually done by some stupid mess up by their fiancé just makes it all the better.  

Unhitched adds in an amazing meet cute via a caught by weather trope. So here we have a runaway bride who runs into the back of our hero’s truck in the middle of an major storm turned tornado… is this the most excited part of this story.. Nope.. There is so much more.  

What I truly loved about this story is the connection between these two characters. The care they took towards each other. They did it a quiet way. It was not about grand gestures and over the top notice it was in learning what worked for each of them and figuring out how to be the most supportive of partners. Even as these two have this amazing instant connection they did not take that for all there was. They truly wanted to be a part of each other’s world  

Jillian Neal knows how to write a super spicy book but with intimacy. I really enjoyed this book. If you are looking for a cowboy family romance with the broody cowboy feels like Yellowstone you should give the Camden Family series a try. This is some of the best Cowboy romances I have read this year and is the first series to give me the broody possessive cowboy feels I was looking for.