Review- Single Dad by Marni Mann

Rating 4/5
Tropes: Single Dad, Nanny, One Night Stand, Close Proximity, Billionaire Romance
Pop: 13%

This is book 3 in the Billionaire Series from Marni Mann. This is a super sexy series without a lot of Plot. Most of the books in this series are an age gap romance, this one is not. This is the story of Sydney and Ford.

For the last 5 years Ford has kept his head down and raised his daughter Everly on his own. Relationships have been an almost no starter. It is hard for him to balance his career, his daughter and dating. It takes one night, one meeting of Sydney for Ford to consider to give up his moratorium on dating and going all in with her. That is until Sydney ends up being the best candidate for Everly’s Nanny. Ford forced Sydney to choose him or Everly.

This was a crazy sexy read. This series is heavy on the sex and not on plot but this story does have a bit more to it than just the physical. There is a strong connection between Sydney and Ford and I really enjoyed the push and pull between these two. The connection is intense and it burns hot! If you are looking for an over the top sexy single dad -nanny romance I would absolutely recommend it. The series has recently been added to Kindle Unlimited so now is a great time to give it a try.