Review: My Beautiful Neighbor by Piper Rayne

Rating: 4/5
Angst: 2/5
Steam: 2/5
Trope: Small Town, Instant connection,
Series: Book One in the Greene Family (standalones)

This book is kicking off a series by author Piper Rayne.  This is very well done at introducing a complicated family dynamic.  It brings us to a new town. It lays the groundwork for several future relationships.

However, when it comes to the romance part of the story it kind of felt uninspiring. The story has a great small-town vibe, and this family has tons of potential. The romance story line seems to get lost a bit.  I did like both characters, their romance was missing that something special.

The story follows Cade, the eldest son in a large, blended family. He loves his siblings, he loves his community, he loves his business. Cade seems happy.  However, when a sexy stranger Presley comes to town, that all gets complicated. Neither one is in the right headspace to start something real, but that’s easier said than done as they spend more and more time together.

Cade is the quintessential nice guy. The Greene family is crazy close.  The story has amazing small town feels.  All of this made for a good story.  The story does read very quickly. Which is part of the reason I think Cade and Presley’s relationship felt like an afterthought at times.  There is an overabundance of characters and so much family togetherness.  The end felt rushed.  This was my first-time reading Piper Rayne.

This is for people who love a small-town romance and ok with book one spending most of its time on world building.