Review: Made in Manhattan by Lauren Layne

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: opposites attract, billionaire, NYC, Found Family, Musical Retelling,

Retelling of a favorite Musical is something I am always going to be excited for and say yes to!  I was super excited for this role reversal in this story! The blurb had me all excited for what was to come!  I also am a huge fan of Lauren Layne. She has a magic in her characters that immerse you into their story and leaves you feeling like you are a part of it all. 

Cain is the long-lost son of the Rhodes Empire.  Cain is from NOLA and is not happy to be in NYC. He is willing to stick it out to see if he has what it takes to run the billion-dollar family business.

Violet has no family left.  Her only person she has that she considers family is Edith. Edith has also lost all her family, or so she thought.  Edith finds out her son had a son she didn’t know about, enter Cain.  Edith enlists the help of Violet to get Cain accustomed with the people and places he will need to take over the family business and fit into the NYC Society. 

Neither Cain nor Violet want to make the changes.  They start to realize they are more related, more so than they ever thought. I was not prepared for the friction between them. Cain was gruff and rough and Violet was prim and proper.  Together they had all the sparks of the 4th of July! The push and pull of their relationship was so well down. The evolution of their time together felt natural.  I really loved them both as individuals but together they were fantastic! These two were always meant to be! 

This book had all the big feels especially the ending!  I was not prepared for it, but my heart needed it. I loved this story so much. It is one you want to read it over and over again.