Review- Blush by Helen Hardt

“Tonight I will begin my education in the art of sex and seduction”

Blush is an extremely spicy read. It is the intense and explosive chemistry I have come to expect when reading books by Helen Hardt.  

I enjoyed the twist to this friend to lovers romance. I loved Jackson and Mandy. There has always been this underlying connection between these two and Mandy joining the dating app to educate herself was just the push Jackson needed.  

My biggest complaint of this book and in similar stories written by the author is the repetitive nature of their evolution. The back and forth between them was overdone. I am so over friends to lovers romances with this inherent restraint between them and their feelings. The stubbornness of them not to come clean and to be put their feelings and attraction on the line dilutes the story. It has been done, it made the story feel tired and already told. There wasn’t anything that felt innovative about their relationship. JAckson and his lack of communicating his feelings made ragy at times.  

I did enjoy this story. It just felt like I had already read it. The possibilities where there but it just felt like the author relied on the tried-and-true friends to lovers hang ups.  

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5/5
Steel Brothers Book #25- Standalone
Pub Date: January 24, 2023
Entangled Publishing
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Hidden Identity, Sex Club
Kinks: Kink, BDSM aspects