Quick Shot of Romance: Unlikely Date by Samantha Christy

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Becky and Jenni review Unlikely Date by Samantha Christy. 

Synopsis From Good Reads :

A grumpy hero, single parent romance.  
Town playboy. 
CEO extraordinaire. 
Monumental prick. 
And my blind date. 
Tag Calloway is toxic. If you aren’t in his small inner circle of friends, you’re nothing. 
An inconvenience at best. 
And it’s just my luck that my first blind date—heck, my first date since ‘The Incident’––happens to be with him. 
I’ve spent years hiding myself from men. From life. Wallowing in guilt and camouflaging my body. 
I live for one reason. Gigi. The broken-condom accident who has become the singular light of my life. 
Why did I let my friends talk me into this? 
He’s the last person I should trust with my feelings. My body. My scars. 
But when our night turns into something I never expected, common sense fails me and I fall hard, knowing this time, it won’t be my body that suffers gruesome damage, it will be my heart. 

Release Date: March 1, 2022 
Trope: Single Mom, Small Town, Meet Cute, Grumpy Sunshine, Love after tragedy  
Series Name: Calloway Brothers Novel 
Type of Series:  Series of Standalone  
Put out percentage: 55%  

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