QSR: Violent God by Sarah Bale

On This episode of a Quick Shot of Romance Leah and Becky are reviewing Violent God by Sarah Bale. It is book one in the Defiant God Brotherhood.   

The Synopsis of Violent God by Sarah Bale

A secret society so powerful, it can give you everything you desire. Imagine what it can take away…
I’ve done my duty as the perfect daughter.
Agreeing to marry a man I can’t stand.
Slowly becoming someone I hate.
I long for a knight to save me.
Instead, I get the devil himself.
They call him the Violent God.
And now, I know why.
He kills without question.
Does what it takes to protect horrible secrets.
Always dutiful to The Brotherhood.
Even if it means destroying us.
But I won’t let him, or his brethren, break me.
I’ve survived too much…
And now, there’s another life to protect.
Only, those who stand between us will stop at nothing to see the Violent God fall…and take me down with him.

Release Date:Feb 20, 2024 
Trope: accidental-pregnancy, age-gap, anti-hero, billionaire, dark-moment-no-break-up, forced-marriage, forced-proximity, mafia, real-body, strangers-to-lovers, virgin-trope, wedding 
Series Name: The Defiant God Brotherhood  
Type of Series: Interconnected Standalones  
POV:Dual 1st person  
Put out percentage: 30%  
Is there a 3rd act break up No -ish dark moment  

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