New Year; New Challenge

Moving forward in 2020. I hope I am going to own 2020 like a boss; ready to take on changes and move forward on some goals. One of my biggest goals is to get this blog up and moving forward in it. I like to refer to myself as a total “Bookcase”. I breathe, eat and live Books. Years ago, I moved to the digital format for books, before that I was total the crazy person who had stacks of books everywhere. Books on the back of the toilet, books by my bed, books on the end tables.
I have always been an avid reader. In my middle school years, I read every Babysitters Club on the day of release, every Sweet Valley Twin and all spin offs. By the time I reached high school I was sneaking books from my mother’s stacks of books. If I could read it, I would read it. I grew into reading Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Kathleen Woodiwiss (you know the books I stole from my mother). As time moved and taste change I moved on to Joanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn, Janet Evanovich and so many others.
These novels allowed me to escape into new times and worlds. To see relationships and love manifest in all sorts of ways. I found acceptance in these stories. In a world where you don’t consider your self loveable to find solace in similar characters. I could face any day as long as I had my “friends”. Books were never far from. I always had one in my backpack or in my purse. If I had even 5 minutes of downtime, I was reading.
The adventures these books is like nothing I have every experienced in real life. I traveled in these books to the Highlands of Scotland, to Regency London, and the Mountains of Montana. I have danced with Dukes, ridden the mountains with cowboys, hidden from murders, solved mysteries.
The smell of a new book, the sound of cracking the binding for the first time, the anticipation of starting a new story. As with all things age and technology has changed how we perceive and consume books. My husband bought me my first nook in January 2010. I was such a skeptic. No way would I use this device. I loved holding a book in my hand too much. Then, I ordered my first book. I then found the digital library. It was amazing! I now had access to books and didn’t have to leave my house. That nook fit so easily in my purse or the children’s diaper bag. I had a books with me at all time! It was simple amazing. I was able to slowly clean up all my book stacks around the house. I was no longer a visible bookcase but able to hide it a bit better. I won’t lie there was a total learning curve with the eReader. I ended up dropping a few in the bathtub or toilet. Not as easy to dry those out as it is a good old-fashioned paper back.
Thus as total “ a Bookcase” there isn’t a book I won’t read. I tend to lean towards romance. I currently have fallen down the rabbit hole of Hockey Romance stories. I have found so many new favorite authors. I love discovering an author and being able to dive into their entire catalog. I have so many book boyfriends, those heroes who just stick with you.
If books are my thing than coffee is my life’s blood. I love Coffee. I have been in a longtime love affair with coffee. There is nothing as great as a cup of coffee and a book. The quiet time spent with my boyfriends. Journey with me as I talk Coffee and Books. Every adventure and story needs to be accompanied by rich, sometimes mellow, powerful and arousing brew.